Predictive Analytics for E-commerce Stores

“Analytics solution will allow e-commerce businesses to boost sales .” 

There is no doubt that the technological evolution in the last few years have made it extremely difficult for the e-commerce and retail sector to predict the swiftly changing customer expectations. Along with this, new technology advancements have given birth to a number of digital firms posing competition in the market. Today’s customers crave personalized, integrated, and a holistic shopping experience and they are not going for anything less. There are no favorites for customers today. The company that offers a stupendous service level threaded with high-end technology and advanced solutions is going to win the customers ultimately.

Many e-commerce businesses today require effective business models, advanced applications, flexibility, and eco-system driven approach. Tangle solution’s vast experience help the e-commerce businesses to win back customers, experience high customer loyalty, fight off competition & price sensitivity, eradicate frictions and elevate customer satisfaction to the maximum. Tangle Solutions redefines your consumers’ shopping experience, whether online or in-store, with digital technologies, and by integrating social data with market intelligence and carrying out specific analytics to provide rich, contextual insights.

Tangle Solutions provides a comprehensive set of products and solutions that help e-commerce companies to sustain growth with the adoption of advanced technology and dynamic customer needs. With our digital & analytics services, we plan and create elementary channel components of businesses’ digital technology that boosts their transformational process and helps them become next-generation ecommerce players.

Why predictive analytics is important for E-commerce Stores?

  • Predictive Analytics provides e-commerce businesses with a deeper understanding of customer habits and preferences
  • E-commerce businesses can harness the potential of predictive analytics to offer enhanced product recommendations and promotions
  • Predictive analytics enables e-commerce businesses to enhance pricing models
  • Predictive analytics helps e-commerce businesses to minimize fraud
  • Predictive analytics offers effective supply chain optimization opportunities for e-commerce businesses
  • Predictive analytics allows e-commerce businesses to make critical business decisions faster
  • Predictive analytics is crucial to the success of e-commerce businesses