Transform your data to actionable intelligence

Business Intelligence is critical for your businesses to make better decisions in lesser time. Thanks to technological advancement, it is now easy to manage business operations with great expertise and boost efficiency. Business Intelligence helps businesses in effective decision making end it comes to Forecasting, strategy, optimization, performance analysis, trend analysis, customer analysis, budget planning, financial reporting and more. We work on your raw data and devise ways to compute it and utilize it to its full potential to generate business profit.

Make informed choices with Business Intelligence:

The cutthroat competitive market demands quick and efficient decision making. With Business Intelligence Services, a business can make more informed choices and expand. With the help of various proven technology-agnostic capabilities, we enable businesses more control of analytical data that contributes to gaining business insights. We hold expertise in handling Data Visualization tools like IBM Cognos, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI, Datamatics’ proprietary tool, TruBI, and more to sort complex organizational data and create easy to interpret and intuitive intelligence reports.

Business Intelligence services we offer:

BI Consulting: Our BI Consultants help businesses in utilizing high quality, exercise automation and develop BI infrastructure that contributed towards informed decision making processes.

BI Development: BI Development is crucial and we cater to our clients’ needs by offering hardware consulting, suggesting a stack of technologies, developing a data warehouse, setting up ETL and data cleaning processes, delivering OLAP/ROLAP systems, and assisting in the sale of software licenses.

Data Visualization: Data Visualization helps business in getting a better insight of the data. The businesses become apt in tracking changes and maintain pace with the trends.

Testing: Every BI Solution we developed is delivered after thorough testing and successful results.

BI Health Check: If you already have a BI Solution in place but aren’t sure about its performance, allow our experts to execute a BI Health Check and evaluate the efficiency of the BI Solution for your organization.