Mobile gaming is the latest hit that keeps the biggest chunk of mobile users engaged. If you are a company dealing with mobile games, you need an expert mobile game development company to work on your project and provide you with the best solution. Whether it is a simple, single user game or a complicated, multi-user game, the best game developers ensure to offer the best experience to both, the company as well as the players.

Why Tangles for Mobile game development?

If you are searching for an expert mobile game developer for your online project, Tangle Solutions provide you with the best results. We are a team of expert mobile developers, game designers, UI designers and project managers, who master the art of creating highly engaging, interactive and profit generating mobile games solutions. Our services are comprehensive and with you from game design to usability testing and final release to support and maintenance.

We are the leaders who are adept in capitalizing the power of HTML5 and Flash for developing games that offer great user-friendliness and runs smoothly on both mobiles as well as desktops.  Whether you want a customized gaming setup for your iOS, Android or Window platforms, we can help you with the best solutions.

We offer you a range of mobile game development services and modules, including:

  • Mobile Game Development
  • Multi-Player Game Development
  • Device Compatible Game Development
  • Game Development in Flash
  • Game Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

We are the biggest team of mobile game developers to offer you 2D & 3D game development. We also offer assistance in porting games from different platforms. If you want games and social media integration, we can help you with our expertise. Connect with us to get the best game theme designs and also to upgrade your games with many advanced features like push notifications, in-app purchase, and advertisement.