Hybrid Applications

Tangle Solutions offers world-class professional hybrid app development services from a startup to a large enterprise, to meet the diverse needs of the clients.

Our technical apprehend hybrid mobile app developers help clients to reach a extensive audience and drive maximum returns on investment.

Thousands of clients got results more than their expectations while working with our dedicated programmers. So far, we’ve launched many successful apps for companies with offshore dedicated programmers as well as for agencies when they outsource to us.

Hybrid apps offer a certain number of advantages:

Hybrid App Design and Development

Titanium App Development

Hybrid Application Integration

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PhoneGap Mobile App Development

HTML5 App Development

jQuery Mobile Application Development

Hybrid Application Maintenance & Support

How to capitalize on Affiliate Marketing:

  • Combining user experience with an agile development cycle and controlled costs.
  • Avoid the limitations of the Apple App Store: to deploy an application on the Apple App Store, the app has to be submitted and there is a waiting time for validation. The delay will vary depending on the time of the year, but also depending on whether it is a first submission or an update. It generally takes between 1 to 7 days. Hybrid apps thus offer a great advantage for developers who wish to update their app frequently as it is not necessary to resubmit the new version if the modifications haven’t touched native code.
  • Finding resources: most applications have an iOS version and an Android version. They are thus developed using the corresponding programming language: Objective-C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android. Hybrid apps allow for the use of programming languages used frequently by web developers (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) who can thus reuse their knowledge. This makes finding resources to build a hybrid app easier.
  • Reusing the code of the web app part: the code is written once and deployed across all mobile platforms.
  • Reducing development time and costs: the code is written once, which substantially reduces development time and costs compared to native apps which require development for iOS and development for Android.